Tour de Rock – KOM, Sprints

The Tour de Rock finalized the rules for the King Of the Mountain (KOM) and Sprint Competitions. The major cycling tours have a point system for the KOM and Sprint competitions, so Tour de Rock has one too.

Polka dot Jersey: KOM. Jerome Pineau, Tour de France 2010. Love the matching podium girls.


Green Jersey: Sprint. Mark Cavendish at Tour de France 2013.



From Bill….


I’ve had a tough time with this one, but I think I have figured out something workable.  I wanted to have a sprint & KOM competition this year, but was having trouble sorting out how to have it when there were separate races for the “A”, “B” and “C” squads.  At first, I thought I could just have separate competitions for each of the “A”, “B” and “C” squads, but since we have arranged things so that any given rider may move from a “C” race to a “B” race in any given week; or could move from a “B” race to an “A” race, how would this all work?

I think the solution is points.  Depending on the race any rider is riding in and the Category assigned to any categorized climbs, there will be points available for the first three places in the sprint or KOM competition.  I’ve worked out a matrix of points available for the sprint & KOM competitions as follows:

So, as an example, a rider in the “B” race who comes 2nd at a sprint point would get 4 points toward the overall sprint competition.  A rider finishing 2nd in the “A” race would get 6 points, and a rider finishing 2nd in the “C” race (all at the same sprint point) would get 3 points.  Categorized climbs will be announced in advance of each stage.  A rider finishing first on a Cat 2 climb in the “B” race would get 10 KOM points, while a rider finishing first in the “A” race would get 15 points for the same climb, etc.  This points table has been added to the Tour spreadsheet.

The purpose of the points system is to allow riders participating in the “B and “C” races to still have a shot at the sprint and KOM prizes, assuming they consistently finish well and the points in the “A” races are split among different riders.

Sprint and KOM points are cumulative over the course of the Tour and prizes will be awarded at the end of the Tour.  Prizes for the KOM and sprint competitions will be:

1st Place                $150
2nd Place                $100
3rd Place                $50

There you have it –  rules and awards for sprint and KOM competitions.  And, the first week’s stage will have a sprint point!  It will be at the end of the first of the two laps of the course.  Bets of luck!

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