Yoga. Bikram and Flow.

  1. One morning I got up and tried the 6am Bikram Yoga in SoPas. I’ve heard different things about it. It was okay. It was hot, but not sauna hot. I sweat a lot anyway, so I was definitely soaked. The early bird class wasn’t that crowded. Yoga is nice break from regular swim, run, bike training. Instructor was succinct and definitive. Not a meditative class, more mechanical. 90 minutes. It was okay.

2. On another day, I went to the Mission Street Yoga 6am class. Much more meditative. Flow yoga. Nice class. Level 1. Straightforward and fairly easy. They have the attitude and atmosphere going.

3. I’ve been admiring all the handstand guys on Instagram. I’ve been working on my handstands at home. I think inversions really help in the recovery after a big event. It pulls the used up materials out of the legs and refreshes them in the kidneys and liver. Handstands are cool. Handstands require balance and arm strength. It goes well with all the swimming I’m doing this winter.

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