Long Winter Trail Run. Rose Bowl > Horse Trough

10.3 miles, 2:10:10 moving time, 181 suffer score.

Lynda, Bill, Ben and I met at the Rose Bowl for a long run. It was sunny but chilly 41°F this morning. Ben and Bill took off at a good clip. Lynda and I headed out for 10 miles. The cold and the stiffness kept us at a calmer pace. From the Rose Bowl we headed up to JPL. The outside parking lot has been reclaimed for nature park stuff. The re-striping and re-surfacing is already completed. We stayed on the Hamahonga Trail to the Horse Trough and flipped it. We came down through the dirt trails to Linda Vista. I noticed the trees have really grown tall in the creek.

We met a bunch of dogs along the way. My favorite were the 3 greyhounds. Beautiful, elegant, smart, fast. If I ever get a dog, it will be a greyhound. You know what say about pets and owners… they look and act alike.

I had trouble breathing again. I chalk it up to cold-dry-winter-air-induced asthma. Our route starts with a tough uphill climb out of the Arroyo and a long false flat to Jack in the Box. By the time we get to the Horse Water Trough, I’m fine.

Chrome Legacy Window 1242016 14113 PM

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