Campus Tour – UCSD University of California, San Diego

We took a campus tour at UCSD University of California, San Diego. It’s a large campus, 1 1/2 walking tour and we didn’t see it all. The kids are still a couple years off, but we wanted to get them thinking about colleges and seeing different ones. All the pertinent admissions information was handed out and presented in fast colorful slides. Hearing all the admission stats and requirements really got the perspective of how competitive college admissions is now.

The Triton Tour started in the Price Auditorium in the Student Center. Then the crowd was broken into smaller walking groups. We had a wonderful tour guide Selina. UCSD is divided into 6 colleges. Think of Hogwarts with Slytheryn House and Gryffindor in Harry Pottery, without the Sorting hat.  We walked through the campus and heard about Academics, Housing, Dining, Safety, Sports, 6 colleges, Library, History, and Beaches.

The most prominent building is the Geisel Library, pictured above. The design of the library is suppose to look like hands lifted upward, holding a stack of books. The hilarious part is the Mr. Geisel is also Dr. Seuss! Audrey and Theodor Geisel made a generous contribution in 1995 and renamed the University Library Building to the Geisel Library.

Overall, the tour was interesting, informative, and fun. My wife and I met at UCLA undergrad, many moons ago. It’s fun to talk to the kids and see where they want to go and why. Two of best my roomies from colleges went to UCSD for grad schools, one in biomedical engineering and the other for medical school.

UC San Diego Campus Profile. All the numbers and stats possible.

Snake Trail

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