Pasadena Triathlon


The Pasadena Triathlon Club volunteered and raced at the Pasadena Triathlon. This is our home turf. This is a great newbie race. PTC hosted several Intro Clinics and Race Rehearsals. It was great to see new guys out there. Fang did great. It’s a reverse triathlon. Run-Bike-Swim. Brennan at Generic did a great job on making the race great.

There were lots of PTC folks volunteering at the race. Lynda, Steve, Lisa, Gregg, Yuri were at registration. Philip, Amy, Lisa, and Gail were at on course directing races at transition. Mike and Charles were on the Bike Patrol. Nicole was coordinating lots of volunteers for Generic. My kids came out to volunteer and cheer on the racers.

PTC had racers too. BillB and BillT were on the Duathlon. Kirk, Ryan, and Anthony were on the triathlon. I saw Neal out there. Zack was out there filming too. Fun times.

Velo Pasadena was set up in the expo too. They’re a great local bike shop and sponsor of the Club. ROKA offered free goggles!

Video clips of the starting waves for the 5k/Duathlon and the Triathlon (2 waves).



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