Swim with Underwater Camera Case

I got a new underwater case for my iPhone with 4 different lenses. I wanted to get a case that will work for my trip to Costa Rica this summer.

Fun times at Golden Road Aquatics. The 1x lens focuses pretty good underwater. But, the 2x telescopic lens doesn’t focus underwater at all.It works great underwater. The screen touch sensitivity is sporadic. I use the volume buttons as a camera trigger and turn off the passcode during the swim session. For the morning swims, it’s kinda dark and it still works pretty good. I think with more light it will work even better, later in the year.

A few notes on the Optrix case and lenses.

The best part is that the iPhone is an a bumper all the time and you slide it into the big case for underwater adventures. So, it’s protected even when it’s not in the big case. That’s reassuring.

One downside is that when the phone is in the big case, the hinge covers the selfie camera. As mentioned above, the screen touch sensitivity is spotty, so you cannot activate all spots on screen. I just leave it on camera mode and don’t power off.

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