Cycling shoes

I got new cycling shoes for my birthday. Wahoo! Mavic Cosmic Ultimate. I picked them up from my friends at Velo Pasadena. They fit great. I fitted them with the Speedplay Walkable cleats and Specialized insoles.

The Mavics have a twisting closure that is closes snug but also releases really fast. The velcro flaps make for are a good custom fit too, easy on/off but still secure. I tried them for the first time at computrainer last night and they felt great. I need to lubricate the spring clip, because it was squeaking a tiny bit.

The Speedplay cleats are easy on/off, symmetric top/bottom. I love Speedplay, because you don’t have to look down or fumble with the pedal part being up or down. It doesn’t matter. I definitely need the walkable ones; my last pair the Philips screw heads are worn off. Walkable parts are the yellow rubber covers that protect the screws. There’s also the round pods that mount in the hole to keep out dirt/mud from the springs area.

The Specialized insoles are key to support my arches in my flat feet. Insoles greatly improve my foot performance during long rides.

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