Westmont College – Campus Tour

During the kids’ spring break, we took a day off work, and we visited a couple colleges in Santa Barbara.

First, we had a campus tour of Westmont College. It’s a beautiful, little, Christian, liberal arts school, tucked in the wooded foothills of Montecito, California. As you drive up, you notice the very large, well landscaped estates; I hear Oprah lives in Montecito somewhere in here. We had a personal tour with a nice young woman from Texas. Just the four of us. The campus is lovey, green, and fresh. Small class sizes, personal attention. Campus housing is provided all four years. Study abroad with your professors. Chapel 3x per week. You know almost everybody in a school of less than 2000 enrollment. 

We also had a personal info session with another lovely young woman. Just with the four of us. Merit / academic scholarships are available. And we would need that to make this place happen. 

Did I mention you can see the ocean from the campus? Did I mention it’s so safe they leave their doors unlocked and save tables by leaving their phone? It was refreshing and clean and bird-tweeting perfect there. 

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