MacBook Air

I got a new MacBook Air! This is my first Apple computer, believe it or not. I grew up in an anti-apple house. I have had an iPhone and iPad for years, but never a laptop. I bought my daughter a MacBook Air last year to help her study in high school. She loves it. All the homework and group projects and research is done online. For me, it was time, because my old Dell PC at home is making angry sounds. I think it’s about to die. I need to migrate before its final breathe. I keep all our critical files on an external hard drive, just in case. I was won over to Apple by the pure beauty in the design. It works right out of the box. So many of its features are there just to delight you. It’s super thin and light. It’s super fast and fun. It’s a joy to open, tap, click, and swipe.

My good friend Jessica helped me out with a little discount action! THANKS Jessica! You Rock!


13-inch MacBook Air

Powerful and Fast: 1.6GHx Dual Core Intel Core i5, HD Graphics 6000, 8 GB Memore, 256GB Flash Drive

Beautiful: Retina Display, Thin, Light, Durable, Backlit keyboard.

I picked it up at the Pasadena Apple Store. The Setup Desk guy Mario was super helpful. I connected with my iCloud data and then sync’d with my calendar, contacts, email, in a blink of an eye. Synced up with the family right away. It was super easy and fast.

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