Live Segments. Cycling + Strava + Garmin = Real Life Video Games

My Garmin 810 on my bike was making funny noises the other day and flipping to elevation screens all by itself. I was wondering what it was doing. I read up on Strava Live Segments. This is what was going on.

When you ride near a segment starting point, the Live Segment goes active and shows you the Elevation screen and says, “GO!”. Then, two dots start moving along the elevation profile, a blue dot (you) and a gray dot (KOM) and they move along on pace with the two of you. It’s pretty neat. In a group ride setting, this can be disruptive, if you just take off all of the sudden. But, if you’re by yourself, it can be really fun.

Setup: You have to select your favorite segments (star them on segment view) on the Strava website. See pics below. Then, sync your Garmin with your PC. Garmin Connect will upload the starred segments into your 810 and you’re ready to go ride around town.

DC Rainmaker has a great blog post on Live Segments here:



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