PTC MAN – Lessons Learned

Reflecting on the long weekend, I learned a few things about training, and about myself.
Never give up
I may feel horrible from time to time, but with nutrition and encouragement and a little time, things will improve again. I need to mentally pull up my bootstraps for long rides.
Prepare mentally for a long day, er, weekend.
I typically treat an event that I signed up and paid for very seriously. However, for PTC MAN, I didn’t put the mental energy into it at the start. I had treated it more like a long Saturday ride, thinking I would do my best and hang on for dear life. When things hard, I got upset with myself. Now, I can see that I just hadn’t put myself in the proper state of fighting mode.
Be open about struggling and being grumpy. Let it out and then move on. Be open to change and let your expectations change too. Ask for help.
This is what I find most frustrating in training. I think I’m not doing as well or as fast or finishing on time to meet my family. And things have a way of going south. As soon as I accept that I’m going to be 2 hrs late, and let it go. Life goes on. Enjoy the rest of the day and don’t be bitter, for every minute you’re late. Enjoy your time together. Celebrate that you finished something huge. Enjoy the company of friends.
For example, I had estimated the end time of 2.30pm. and I tried to start Day 1 at Encanto and ride back to Sierra Madre in order to get all the miles and finish a 1/2 hr earlier and make a 3pm appointment in San Gabriel. At the Mt. Baldy ski lifts, I knew I was not going to make the meeting it at all. I was mad that I would be late. I was disappointed that it was so hard for me to climb. I was feeling low and hungry. After eating and drinking a lot at the lodge and letting my family know via email, I let it go and enjoyed the ride back.
Thanks for a great weekend, PTC. I am proud of finishing.
Thanks for Ben for pushing a very tough agenda.
Thanks for Lynda for talking me off the cliff.
Thanks for Bob for running with me. Top picture is after we finished the 10 mile run on Day 2. Gasp.
Thanks to GT, Rudy, Mike, Gregg, Luis, Rob, and Bill for great riding buddies.
In case you missed the fun: here’s the links to the PTC MAN reports.

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