Costa Rica. Day 5. Snorkeling and hiking. 

Day 5 Costa Rica. 

We walked to the local adventure guides. Our Discover Corps Guide Wayne led our local adventure guides who had the boat to take us the Isle deal Cano and Corcovado National Park. Weather was nice and sunny at Uvita, but things changed later.

The boat launches off the beach from Uvita. We hopped in the ~30ft dual engine boat. The ride across the water to the Island was about 1.5 hours. We stopped half way cuz we saw a large group of dolphins! Pantropical spotted dolphin. Got some great photos of them jumping along side the boat. 

We checked in at the San Pedrillo and found a good snorkeling spot. The water was cloudy due to recent rains. The mud runoff from the island makes the water less clear. Also, it was cloudy and the sun didn’t penetrate the water. We saw lots of fish and a manta ray jumped out the water. Madeline felt kinda bad from the rocky boat ride. When we started snorkeling, we were right on top of the reef. With a current moving all around, Madeleine scuffed her knee on the reef. Blue and yellow fish. Black and purple fish. Starfish. Amazing. Orangeside triggerfish. Panamic porkfish. Cortez angelfish. Moorish idol. Cortez rainbow wrasse. Panamic sergeant Major. Blue and green parrot fish. 

The captain drove us to the main spot at Playa San Pedrillo for a picnic and hike. But the waves were too big to land the boat for us to get off. Plan B was another beach nearby Playa San Josecito. There’s lots of rock outcropping that sheltered the beach from big waves. We had a simple picnic lunch and then went on a hike through the rain forest along the edge of the coast. It started drizzling. 

Shortly after leaving the beach, we walked through a grove of mango trees. We saw a family of white faced monkeys. Little guys. I counted more than 10 in and around us in the trees. Cute little baby monkey too. They got really close to us. We continued our hike and saw a variety of birds. At the far end of the hike, there was a turtle conservation project at Rio Claro. The plant turtle eggs and protect them. While we hiked back the rain started pouring down. Getting back into the boat was adventurous. We were soaked and the raindrops stung as we rode back to Uvita. We landed and it was nice and sunny again. 

Dinner and bed early again. 

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