Costa Rica. Day 6. Waterfall, community service. 

Day 6. We took a short taxi ride to the Uvita waterfall. A short hike and across a couple little streams. The water was cool and the rocks were slippery. Nice waterfall. We went shopping for locally made souvenirs. I got a beautiful jaguar mask. 

After lunch we worked at the community service projects for a few more hours. It rains every afternoon. For the composting station, we painted the  barrels, dug holes, cut pipe and wood and poured cement footings. Some of the tools were pretty rudimentary, but we made the bests of it. The composting station will service the whole community. Everybody can load their wheelbarrel with fresh compost. We also finished painting the tree seed containers.

I ran 5.3 miles in the morning. Super humid. Cooled off in the hotel pool.

Dinner and early to bed. 

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