Costa Rica. Day 7. Marine Ballena National Park. Community service. 

Day 7 Costa Rica. 

Wayne led us on a walking tour through the Marine Ballena National Park. We walked through the new by coastal wetlands. We saw a Howler Monkeys and a Three Toed Sloth. Both were high in tree tops. The monkey was watching us and then he peed and pooped down into the trees. The sloth slept and didn’t move an inch. 

We planted some mangrove seedlings. He showed how to open a coconut without a machete. I drank the fresh coconut water and chomped on the coconut meat. Yum! 

At Punto Uvita, we walked to the Whale’s Tail sea break, over the sand bridge. The sand bridge is a tombulo which is walkable at low tide but submerged at high tide. We dipped into the water to cool off. As we walked back,  the clouds, mountains and tree mirrored off the thin layer of water splashed over the tombulo. Spectacular sight. 

We had lunch at a loca restaurant. Fresh fish. We walked back to the hotel. 

After we cleaned up, heavy thunderstorms poured down with lightning and thunder. We waited out the storm for an hour then we walked back to Miguel’s farm to finish the Community Service Project-Composting Station. We cut hatches into the side of the barrels and mounted hinges and latches. We drilled axial holes and mounted the barrels on a tube and Voile! They plan on building a whole line of composting stations. 

We had porkchops and mashed potatoes for dinner. 

Travis from Discover Corps shared a Plastic Age documentary. He shared about he his time with Peace Corps and starting up Discover Corps. He works closely the Wayne and Noila to transition Discover Corps to them. Travis and his wife have a Yoga and Surf Camp company. He works in small business development and sustainability program for the area. We each shared where we were from and what we learned during our time here. I said the it was particularly great that the whole week was focused on the community from the local hotel, local guides, local farms, local wildlife, local cooking classes, local community service projects. 

In case you missed the beginning of the trip, read about Day 1 here. 

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