IMMT training day. Swim. Bike Run.

Swim: 1.5 miles, 46:00

Bike: 67 miles, 3:52, 88 Strava trophies

Run: 13.1 miles, —

With only 21 days to Race Day, we hit it hard today. Early 5:30 van time and 6:30am start time, we swam 2634 yrs (1.5 miles) at Belmont Shores in Long Beach. I forgot my Garmin at home and was kicking myself all day for that one. I followed Luis and got the time and distance from his Garmin. Trevor, Tyler, Deanna, TiffanyB, Jerrod, Lynda, Luis, Gregg, Amy, GT, Lura, and me. Ben rolled by on his bike to say ‘hi’.

We rinsed off and hopped on our bikes. Sue and Tiffany joined for the ride. We ran into Coach Steve, with his running club, Sole Runners. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail, all the way up to the Santa Fe Dam. It was warming up the whole time. Some high clouds gave us a break, but we were hot by the time we got to the dam. Thankfully, Omar was there with his cart of ice cold water and Gatorade. We saw Jerrod, Bryan, Tyler along the way. We flipped it and headed back down. There were vicious heads all the way back to Long Beach. Ugh.

We packed up the bikes and went for a long run. It had heated up to 82F and high humidity. We started with a 5 mile winding route along the canals and water front. Lynda and I opted to do this 2 times, followed by a 3 mile out and back on Appian Way. My run was down to a walk at mile 9. I headed along Appian and ended up with only 13.1 miles and called it a day.

After finishing more than 81.6 miles, I was upset that I didn’t get a medal for completing  this distance in one day!

It was nice to have the beach showers after the run and rinse off. We grabbed a hearty dinner nearby at Mimi’s cafe.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.52.21 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.52.46 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.53.06 PM

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