Ride Report – Santa Monica Mountains. PCH > Encinal > Stunt

50.3 miles, 4:05 moving time, 5,614 ft elevation, 30 Strava trophies.

On a Hot summer day, we rode out to Malibu Bluff Park, across the street from Pepperdine University and went climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains. We started off on a misty morning, and rode west on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). We turned up Encinal Canyon for a stimulating 4 mile ascent. I was sweating buckets; it was misty, humid, and getting hotter as we climbed out of the fog. I was feeling pretty strong on the climb that’s where I got most of the Strava trophies. We regrouped at the intersection. We  climbed the steep rollers of Encinal over to Mulholland Hwy. We crossed Kanan and then descended down Rock Store. I love the Rock Store descent. It’s beautiful and fun. GT got his first flat on the approach to Rock Store. Water and potty stop. Just in time. We rode westbound on Mulholland, crossed Malibu Canyon and thought about Ben who was running his first ultra trail fun at Bulldog, just down the street. We continued over to Stunt Canyon, up and down the steep roller. GT had another flat just as we started the 4 mile ascent. The first half was okay for me, then the ‘wheels fell off’, figuratively. I just overheated and bonked. My Garmin said the temperature was 103F (it was hot, but the thermometer isn’t that accurate). Eventually, I made to the top and descended down and up Piuma. I love the Piuma descent. It’s even more beautiful and fun. Today, it wasn’t as much fun for me. I was hanging on for dear life. At the bottom, I had to sit under a tree and recoup. The rest of the riders rode back to Pepperdine and went for a run. Ewina showed up out of nowhere and said ‘hi’. That got my spirits back. I had a cup of fresh pineapple from the rainbow umbrella stand. Then, I took off back down to the beach. The head winds were nice and cool, and it was mostly downhill. Back at the van, I rehydrated with a few waters and gatorades. Whew. I made back.

Mike, Ryan, GT, Bill, Lynda, Tiffany, and Joe


Foggy PCH at Zuma


PCH from the initial ascent up Encinal


Top of Rock Store


Parking barrier or Bike Rack? not sure…


GT’s 2nd flat


From Piuma

IMG_5687Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.38.10 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.38.26 PM

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