Rebalance after Ironman

Following Ironman, I’m finding new focus in my life. What do I do with my time now? I have decided to refocus on my family and faith. While I will still work out on a regular basis, I’m taking on more at home and at church. My wife was a total trooper during 2015 and 2016 and letting me train unlimited and guilt free. That was amazing, but real life is back now.

We sat down as a family and looked at our weekly schedule to figure out how the ‘usual’ week looks like. I got my fair share of school dropoffs and soccer practices. Without rebalance, some triathletes have post-race depression. I felt that for sure. It’s real.

Rebalance the time and priorities. Starting in late September, I’m joining a Huddle at Christian Assembly Church. It’s a mens bible study and leadership training with 2 pastors and ~20 guys. The Huddle is a weekly meeting from Sept 2016 to May 2017. It’s a big commitment, but I’m glad to dig into church again. I’m hoping to take the kids to High School Youth Group at the same time.I’m excited about cooking more and eating more and having friends over for dinner.

Here’s to living life fully, even after a full Ironman!

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