Ride Report -Bonelli Loop

52.6 miles, 2,198 ft elevation, 15 Strava trophies. 

On a lovely warm autumn morning, we ride from Pasadena to San Dimas. We started from Sierra Madre and picked up a few more at Encanto Park in Duarte. Allen gave a short talk about paceline riding along the top of the dam. 

When we got to the dam, we split into a couple groups. (The second group, which I was in, definitely needs more practice.) 

We rode east along Arrow Hwy and Gladstone. We rode around Frank Bonelli County  Park. On the way back it was sunny and warm. Luis was a Champ by helping Bjoern and Ryan fix flat tires!

Bjoern, Patrick, Gregg, Jonathan, GT, Dave, Luis, Allen, Ryan, Amy, Bill, Brandon, Kirk. 

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