sleep, self-image and happiness

“People by and large become what they think about themselves.

The idea is so simple that it is easy to dismiss. People become what they think about themselves. It’s almost all a person needs to know about how to be happy.

If someone came to me and asked me how to be happy, I would reply that it’s simple. Just wake up every morning thinking about the wonderful things you are going to do that day. Go to sleep every night thinking about the wonderful events of the past day and the wonderful things you will do tomorrow. Anyone who does that will be happy.”

Bob Rotella, Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect

I’m not into golf, but I like this a lot. [This quotation was shared on email subscription with Brian Johnson.] This helps me get up in the morning and it helps me sleep at night. It took me many years for me to be happy with just being me, to be comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t like myself for a long time. Now, I’m okay with me. It sounds weird to say “I like myself”, but it actually means a lot. Self confidence and happiness are linked. I can love other people more, now that I’m not feeling icky about myself.

There are many wonderful things here today, and there will be many wonderful things tomorrow. Believe it.

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