Brian Johnson – Optimal Living

Brian Johnson is a Unique Genius connection. He’s an amazing writer, philosopher, brian-johnson-953bc5eca87e7729b6bdbeb8a766a6c4business enthusiast. I read a bunch of his Philosopher’s Notes through an introduction on Unique Genius. Brian and Aaron did a webcast interview which was very inspiring. Brian is a great speaker and a fascinating thinker. I love reading and listening to him. For those of you who want to dig into learning from old school master and new school gurus, this guy breaks it all down. Easy to swallow, beautiful execution on website, print, and audio. Try the freebie demo Philosopher Notes, you’ll stay for the rest. I’m not a natural reader and this guy brings it to my level.

Life Lesson: Learn stuff from others. Find good teachers.

Here’s a video promo for his new book Philospoher’s Notes.

Here’s his video for his website.

3 thoughts on “Brian Johnson – Optimal Living

  1. Awesome and inspiring blog man! I came across your blog because I’m going through the coaching program and I was going through Marcus Aurelius’ book and copied the quote to see what others interpreted it as. Was awesome to come across you input and everything else you do.

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