Run and Run

Monday: 7.0 miles, 1:28 moving time.

Tuesday. 2.3 miles, 30:05 moving time.

Since the kids had Monday off for MLK day, I got an extra morning to run long yesterday. I got 7.0 miles in and then I had to scoot off to work. Today, I got a short and sweet 2.3 miles run.

Since there is a rain forecast for the end of the week, I’m trying to get as much in before the rain comes again. Also, I am ramping up my run volume for (a) Pasadena Half Marathon on 1/22 (b) Boney Mountain Trail Half Marathon, which rescheduled to 1/29 cuz of rain, and (3) LA Marathon looming in 3/19. My lungs are still struggling with coughing fits. I end up walking up hills and running the flats and descents. I take what I can get. I think my lungs will continue to clear out with more runs. 

Monday: The La Loma bridge has been under reconstruction for years. It looks like it has a few more to go. The trails along the Arroyo Seco South are great.

Tuesday: Flower and water tower

170116-run170116 run2.png

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