Pasadena Sprint Triathlon. Volunteering and Racing.

I volunteered with a bunch of my PTC friends at the Pasadena Sprint Triathlon. Gregg and Steve were at Registration. Nicole was volunteer coordinator. MikeW, MikeG, Lynda, and Deanna helped in Transition and Body Marking. GT, Amy, Lynda and I helped at Bike In and Bike Out traffic control. Rudy and Bob did Bike Course Patrol. Paul manned the water station at the finish line. And we all ate donuts (including Rich)  at the great PTC tent set up. Thanks, Lynda!

We had racers too. Kirk, Richard, Brian, and Chad did the Sprint. Peter, Jonathan, Patrick ran the 5k. Bill raced the Duathlon (1st AG). I didn’t get everyone’s podiums, but there a few. Please reply if you have your results.

IMG_2820 3IMG_2822 3IMG_2821 3IMG_2823 3IMG_2825 3IMG_2826 3IMG_2828 3IMG_2831 3IMG_2833 3IMG_2835 2IMG_2838 2IMG_2839 2IMG_2841 2IMG_2842 2IMG_2845 2IMG_2846 2IMG_2853 2IMG_2861 2IMG_2869 2IMG_2874 2IMG_2878 2IMG_2882 2IMG_2883 2IMG_2886 2IMG_2887 2IMG_2893 2IMG_2897 2IMG_2902 2


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