Bike fit for Felt IA 10

I got fit to my new Felt IA 10 TT bike by Jim Manton at ERO sports. His bike fit studio is on the upper deck inside the Velo Sports Center next to StubHub LA Galaxy Stadium. The Felt Showcase in the window was featuring My Bike!

Jim had already fit me to my road bike in the past and had already made the recommendation for the Felt TT bike. So, today’s bike fit was fast and easy to dial in. He uses Retul to take static and dynamic measurements of me on the bike. He reads the bike geometry into the computer with a sensor and then mounts dynamic sensors on my major joins and locations. The fit reports have all the detailed measurements for next time, when any hardware mods are made.

I hated the saddle that came stock. Thankfully, Jim had a few I could try out. I ended up getting the ISM PN 1.0. Him also adjusted the aerobars with a bit of angle up and stretched them forward. He also re-routed the cables for the Di2 shifting and brakes. He gave me great tips on power meters for my new bike. I went on a couple short test drives on the saddles to pick the best one. I was so excited after riding my bike. It’s very dialed in. But, there’s a few more mods to get it race ready. 1. Decide power meter 2. Extend and finish rerouting Di2 cables to hide them more. 3. Get Garmin mount near the ends of the aero bars.

Jim has beautiful racing pictures from all over the world. I gave him an idea to one picture right in front of the bike fit station. It should be a view looking straight down the road and have a little cut out and mirror, so that a client is looking down the road he sees himself. Thanks, Jim!

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