Open Water Swim: Malibu Zuma Beach

1,427 yds, 41:36 moving time

A group of PTC-open-water-swimmers headed out to Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA. The cloudy morning eventually gave way to a relunctant sun. Zuma Beach is the full enchilada for triathletes: wave entry, choppy swells, current, land sighting and wild life. We had a little bit of it all this morning. 2-3 ft wave on entry. Choppy swells on the out; much less on the back. There as a grey dolphin swimming by as we made it past the surf. The exit was higher surf. Not sure exactly, but it was hairy for newbies, for sure. I dragged my kids along and they hung out on the beach while we swam. We dug holes, read books, and caught Pokemon.

Thanks to Todd for leading the group. Good luck to Ewina and Emilio at Hermosa Beach next weekend!

Summer, Ewina, Joe, Todd, Emilio


Summer felt much better afterwards!


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