Fun Day – The Broad and Marciano Art Foundation

The family went on a museum fun day today. We went to The Broad Museum a few months ago, but didn’t get to see the Infinity Room at that time. So, today, we hit the Broad first and got a ticket for the Infinity Room. Then, we drove over to the Marciano Art Foundation on Wilshire. We checked out the MAF and then went back to the Broad to see the Infinity Room.

The Broad has an amazing veil, a stretched honeycomb concrete veil.

The Marciano Art Foundation is a new museum that refurbished a huge Scottish Rite Temple on Wilshire Blvd. It has some weird stuff. It was very fun to walk around this museum. There was a huge area with scrims and silly mishmash of cartoons and Dante-inferno-like stuff. There is a lot of room to add even more galleries. Impressive, and not crowded. Free admission and free parking, just make reservations a month in advance. Our fun thing is to mimic the art. The kids played along for the most part, without too many eye-rolls. Oh daddy.

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