For a date night with my lovely wife, we went to Shibumi in DTLA. Shibumi came highly recommended by Jonathan Gold at the LA Times, coming in #2 top restaurants in LA. We didn’t know what we wanted and couldn’t tell from the menu what anything was, so we opted for the omakase, which is a chef’s special, that comes in waves. The dinner was amazing. I’m a little skeptical sometimes, when the dish portions are smaller than a cup saucer. But, Mr. Gold’s recommendation came true. The little dishes kept coming and coming. Endless surprises. The waitress was great in telling us all the detailed bit of each serving, but I struggled to remember them for this post. Suffice it to say, it was delicious. My favorites were the (1) Salmon Trout Smoked with Wild Cherry Bark and (2) Steamed Abalone, Fresh Mochi, Ginger Miso.

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