Triathlon – The Movie (coming soon)

My friend Zack Johnson finished the Triathlon Movie, which tells my story of Ironman in 2016.

In the summer, Zack arranged a special screening at Around the Cycle (AtC). It was great. Ryan of AtC hosted the screening. It was a perfect setting for a triathlon movie. My friends from Pasadena Triathlon Club came. My family came too. My kids were amazed that everyone said such nice things about me. Zack’s family and film friends came out too. The film itself is a short 15 minute film. It’s pretty inspiring to see a couch potato make it across the finish line. The soundtrack and pacing added a cool style to the basic story. Zack had a great biking intro with a terrific drone zoom out. Zack also interviewed our friend Rich Strauss from Endurance Nation. Rich was the founder of the Pasadena Triathlon Club and he was in charge when I joined the Club about 10 years ago. I still hear his voice in my head when I explain fitting triathlon into your life.

Zack has been working out some details before releasing for a wider audience. He also shared the movie at a PTC Club Meeting in September. But, I think we might see it come out very soon. Stay Tuned!

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