Rebecca and Ron – a wedding party

Our niece Rebecca and Ron had their wedding party last weekend. (this post is delayed cuz of stuff). It was a really nice time. It was nice to meet Ron’s family. Ron’s brother Anthony had a great speech. It was fun to dance around with everybody, especially Uncle Charlie and Consuelo! The party was at Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East’s, banquet room in Tarzana, which was beguiling from the outside. There was a photo booth in the back, which we took full advantage of. I took a plate of food and cake back to the hospital to share with my Mom and Dad. We showed them pictures. Ron set up a live broadcast from the party so my Mom and Dad could see the whole event. That was really sweet of them. Rebecca was actually our flower girl at our wedding, oooh, some 20 years ago. Congrats to Rebecca and Ron!


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