tesla solar roofs and batteries

Elon Musk and Telsa announced their solar roofs. They are drop dead gorgeous. Powerful, electric, easy to use. Powerwall is a battery for the house. Great system. You soak up the sun in the battery during the day, to power the house and fuel the car. Now, I need to get the Tesla car and Tesla roof. The coolest part is that the panels are angle viewable. From the ground they are colored, textured and molded to beautiful roofing. From the sky, they are clear and solar power absorbing. Awesome execution. I’m not sure about the cost. They say, it’s affordable. Links and pics below. The homes in the video are on the Universal TV lot, you might recognize the homes from Desperate Housewives.


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 9.27.43 AM




One thought on “tesla solar roofs and batteries

  1. They say it’s affordable? “They” also sell their cars for $100,000+… I have a feeling we are going to disagree on the definition of “affordable”. Second, what happens when it’s cloudy?

    Finally, during winter I leave for work in the dark and get home with maybe an hour left of daylight – there better be a good battery involved in that system so I can charge the car battery, so I can drive it…. Ya know?

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