Ride Report – Resolution Ride. Happy New Year. Every Mountain. Pizza and coffee. Arbor Challenge.

39.4 miles, 3:41 moving time, 5,249 ft elevation

PTC’s first ride of 2018. The Resolution Ride. Improved. Climb every mountain in Pasadena, La Canada, Glendale. Great turn out on a mild day. It was perfect ride day.  Not cold; not hot. We started at Jones Coffee in Pasadena. We rode east through Pasadena and then turned north and it was all up, up and up. Top of Lake. CHANEY TRAIL!!! Whew. Descanso Garden regroup. A Group went up the Hwy 2 for bonus time. Hampstead. SUGAR LOAF!!! Emerald Isle (new addition to Resolution Ride this year). St. Augustine. Glen Oaks. Arbor Challenge: 2x for baseline, then incentivized $5 starbucks for each time after that. Tyler, Bjoern, Sven, Lynda, Gregg, GT were all winner (might be more, i lost track). Club bought Pizza and Coffee afterwards. Wives and kids met some of the riders and shared in the pizza party. Well Done on a great climbing day!

Blake, Jonathan, Alvin, Peter, Bjoern, George, Sven, Jerrit, Mike, Ryan, Lynda, Emfrey, Susan, Rudy, GT, Gregg, Bob, Bill, Deanna, Steve, Haroon, Julie, Johnna, Tyler, Joe.


Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 4.08.47 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-06 at 3.43.28 PMIMG_8203IMG_8204IMG_8207IMG_8211IMG_8212IMG_8213IMG_8214IMG_8215IMG_8216IMG_8217IMG_8218IMG_8220IMG_8222IMG_8223IMG_8225IMG_8226IMG_8228IMG_8229IMG_8230IMG_8232IMG_8233IMG_8235IMG_8236IMG_8237IMG_8239IMG_8244IMG_8245IMG_8246IMG_8248



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