Pre-Race Report – Ironman Oceanside 70.3

Pre-Race. Getting ready for a race is a lot of work. I took a couple days off work to get myself down to Oceanside and soak up the sites. I usually start packing a week ahead and start by throwing stuff at my bag. I make sure that I have everything and I have time to go get stuff fixed or purchased. I figured out a new packing system too. I bag each part separately and then I know I have it all together for each sport. All the bikes stuff together: Helmet with shield (no glasses), head band, Garmin, water bottles, shoes, socks, optional vest and sleeves. Swim: wetsuit, thermal hood, thermal swim socks, googles (light and dark), swim spit (anti-fog), body glide. Run: shoes, visor, run shirt. Tri kit top and bottom. I also packed other bags for preview bike ride, and a light run. Snack bag, tools. There was just a lot of stuff. Thankfully, Lynda’s van is big enough for everything and more.

We landed at Oceanside Thursday afternoon and went to Ironman Village a the Pier and went through Registration. Then, we shopped at the Expo. Ironman T-shirt and sweatshirt. I got a new gym bag with lots of pockets. The big news was that the Swim Start moved from the beach back to the harbor. The officials made the call due to expected waves greater than 3 ft. Most of us were excited by this news. Gregg was bummed. I would have been okay either way. I think the ocean start and swimming into the harbor would have been fun too. The waves were nothing like Zuma.

We hopped on our bikes and went on a preview ride through the Run Course. The Run Course is great. It rolls out of the harbor and along The Strand to the pier. It loops two times and ends at the pier. There’s some short steep 1/2 blocks that go from the sand up to the bluff a couple times.

After the ride, we had a dinner at a nearby restaurant. Not much choices in Oceanside really. But, I had a tasty cheese and meat platter.

On Friday, we did a light run down to the harbor. We bought food for the PTC after-party. And dropped off our bikes. Very light day. At bike drop off we wandered around and gawked at all the amazing bikes. My rack was close to Steve Lis’s spot. So, Lynda sent him a trickster photo of her messin’ with his tires.

The water was cold, but not too cloudy/ mucky. A harbor isn’t always the cleanest water; ask any sailor.

Friday night, we had a light dinner in our room and went to bed early. I called my daughter, who was visiting UC Berkeley with her friend. Race Day would start early….


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