Ride Report – Griffith Park

36.6 miles, 3,022 ft climbing, 2:47 moving time.

On a partly cloudy Memorial Day Saturday, the Club rode from Pasadena to Griffith Park and Observatory. We met at Jones Coffee (our GREAT Sponsor) in Pasadena and rode through Old Town, Eagle Rock and Glendale. Then, we crossed the freeway and entered Griffith Park on the Valley side. We rode past the Travel Town trains and up the back side to the Griffith Park Observatory. We took selfies at the Hollywood sign. Then a potty break at the Observatory. Bill fixed Leanne’s flat. and then we rode back down the crappy road and made our way around the Park to Los Feliz Blvd. We hopped on the Los Angeles River Trail to Fletcher and rode back home through Eagle Rock. Stiff climb at La Loma (but skipped Arbor!). Coffee at Jones and good times. It was great to see Luis and Trevor again!

Alvin, Peter, John, Jerrit, Bill, Gregg, Ryan, Luis, Blake, Lynda, GT, Tyler, Larry, Deanne, MikeO, David, Julie, Jason, Yoshin, Tiffany, Trevor, Cali, Joe. Bob, MikeK.


IMG_1562Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 5.02.20 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-26 at 5.02.07 PMIMG_1566fullsizeoutput_12ce2IMG_1570IMG_1572IMG_1573IMG_1575IMG_1576IMG_1577IMG_1582IMG_1583IMG_1584IMG_1587IMG_1591fullsizeoutput_12d06IMG_1594IMG_1596IMG_1597IMG_1600IMG_1601IMG_1602IMG_1603IMG_1604IMG_1610IMG_1611

2 thoughts on “Ride Report – Griffith Park

  1. Hi Joe, have you ever considered mountain biking? Mountain biking is really exhilarating and there is no shortage of mountain biking trails in California. I hope you give it a try!

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