Ride Report – Back side of GMR

54.22 miles, 3:57 moving time, 4,308 ft elevation gain

The club started from Sierra Madre. We picked up a few more in Encanto Park. We rode up Highway 39, Azusa Canyon. Turned east at East Fork Bridge. Yo flipped it and headed back (flat and a little lost) and made it home okay. We regrouped at the Cafe and refueled. Lynda and Trevor had a chat. The climb of the back side up Glendora Mountain Road really warmed up. Good hard ride.

Bill, Peter, Amy, Yo, Evan, Kirk, Danny, Mike, Ryan, Trevor, Bob, Marco, Hank, Lynda, Jonathan, Steve, Joe. Jerrit.


IMG_3202IMG_3203IMG_3211IMG_3214IMG_3215IMG_3216IMG_3217IMG_3218IMG_3219IMG_3221IMG_3222IMG_3223IMG_3225IMG_3226IMG_3227IMG_3230IMG_3231Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 6.54.30 PM

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