Ride Report – Hot Brick, Warm Run

15.1 miles, 58:16 moving time, 1,076 ft elevation

High 90s. It was a hot one. High clouds cut a bit of the sting off the searing heat, but it was still a hot ride on the brick tonight. We met at the Rose Bowl. Beginning with social lap(s), then climbing up Salvia Canyon, Linda Vista. Then up Devon, Braemar, Inverness. Up St. Katherines. The B Group skipped the second social lap, and barely beat the A group to Sacred Heart HS, where we had a messy re-group. Then, down St. Katherines, down Chevy Chase, and up Descanso Gardens for a cleaner Re-group. Then, rolled back to the Rose Bowl along Berkshire and Highland and Linda Vista. There were lots of other cyclists out.

I made it around the Bowl for one lap of running, before the sun went down.

48XaSDHhQ4qVafTe3RH%lA%Tmp2w%IQl6drRzfpI9jTAScreen Shot 2018-07-11 at 9.56.25 PMRxjFU%gCRjuNGKXCbhoN5gs1x7ILsaQJauD9SCJc9KIQs5Uxxz5XTO6dW0juzLhCxQW4NLyNfHQJ2lKeWQHJy05wYpK%PybYQXquj7PFJiv+yQKsICJzgHTfazleNLdcY3%gC8xWfwmDQLKxPrEG25SPcAppBCKdL8SwWjx2Dn0YONCAbtr9gRB5TL+2VjWI0kOP3AkmGfQlg+SxaxsnqvbUidGw

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