Body Economics Running Workshop #2

Marco hosted a second Body Economics Running Workshop. You can learn more about Body Economics and about Marco here. He usually coaches 1-on-1, but this was a group workshop for 8 lucky members. They learned about anatomy, cadence, breathing, cadence, vision, head, arms, pelvis. I won’t the spoil any of the fun. He just scratched the surface of running form. I helped out as a helpful fly on the wall, but I learned a lot, even the second time around. We lucked out on a weather too. It rained the night, but it was clear and sunny in the morning. We met behind the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, in the Brookside park. Private running domain. It was great. Marco took ‘before video’ and ‘after video’ to compare how the workshop was making immediate improvements. All the folks went away with something to work on or think about. Thanks, to Marco for hosting these free workshops for the Club! Well Done.

You can check out the pics and fun from the Workshop #1 here.

Deanna, Erick, Blake, Julie, Mike, Allen, Cesar, Graz. Marco and Costa.


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