Resolution Ride – Bigger than ever

A Group: Mt Wilson + Pasadena Hills. 56.2 miles, 5,899 ft elevation

B & C Groups: Red Box + Pasadena Hills. 44.0 miles, 4,656 ft elevation.

The Club traditionally rides a monstrously hard climbing day on the first weekend of the new year, fondly called, the Resolution Ride. This year, Lynda and Gregg turned it up a notch.

It was a great turn out for the Club (20+ riders) on a COLD (40s F) and cloudy LA wintry morning. After the ride, there was an Awesome Pizza Party and Jones Coffee Day hosted by the club after the ride. [someone send pics and i’ll add them in.]

Trevor, Carleigh, Alvin, Carrie, Leanne, Erick, Bill, Bjoern, Peter, Amy, GT, Sven, David, Danny, Steve, Marco, Cali, Scott, Rudy, Gary, Blake, Mike, Gregg, Joe.

The start was a little glitchy, since Lynda was out of town and Gregg was running late and Tyler was sick. But, the Club took off on Resolution Ride … Unleashed.  I had to cut the ride short for family stuff. So I borrowed Leanne’s, and Sven’s Strava Route for miles and times. For giggles, I posted  Lynda’s description of the planned routes, below the pics.

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It is the first Saturday of the year coming up.
In PTC – that means it is time for the Resolution Ride…….Unleashed
Every year – we do a notable challenge to start off the year………………..because……….that is how we roll in PTC!

At the end of the ride – there will be pizza   at the pizza place right next to Jones Coffee and coffee at Jones  for those that completed the ride.

This year we will have 3 groups.

The A Group will be lead by Tyler Long.
The ride will be the same as the B Group except they will get a little out and back to Upper Big T before Mt Wilson.

The B Group will be lead by Gregg Doyle with GT as the sweeper.

The ride will start at Jones Coffee at 7:30
Head up to Colorado, Orange Grove and drop into the bowl.  Around the west side, up Salvia to Linda Vista to Highland to Chevy Chase to Foothill.    Up Hwy 2 to Mt Wilson Towers.    Back down the hill – to Foothill – to Chevy Chase and then Hampstead – Sugarloaf up and back – Hampstead to Inverness – Chevy and then up to San Augustine – up and over the hill to Inverness – Linda Vista – drop down into the bowl – over to Arbor – up that hill – back to Jones. 

The C Group will be lead by Gary Purdee
The C Group will start on the same route – go to Red Box – do Hampstead (no Sugarloaf) and back to Jones

BAM!  Done!!  Pizza!  Life is GOOD!!!  

I probably do not need to say that the Resolution Ride – Rules of Engagement prohibit those in the B group dropping down to the C group.
I am sure I did not have to mention this but felt it was my duty just in case someone(s) did not know the rules.

The weather for Saturday has rain AFTER 4pm – not to worry, this will not effect the ride!

The temperature will be around 50 at 7:30 – but it will be chilly up at Wilson – around 40 – so be prepared  for a chilly decent.

I know this is a big day but I have not doubt that everyone will be up to their specific Group Challenge.

………..PTC ROCKS on!


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