Race Report – Surf City Half Marathon

PTC ran hard on a stormy SoCal morning at the Surf City Half Marathon. The Sprinter van left Eagle Rock at Zero Dark 5am. We chilled and warmed up downstairs in the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. Although it was raining in LA county, it lightened up in the OC. Peter started early for the full Marathon at 6:30am. The rest of us started around 7:45am. The sun was peaking through at the start. But, we were running straight toward the brooding dark cloud. By mile 3, it started sprinkling. The main route along Pacific Coast Highway was cold and windy. The last stretch is an 8 mile run back to the finish line. We picked up our gear check and then went to Lazy Dog Cafe for a nice big beer and lunch. Gregg drove us home through the rain. Then, we all scooted off to Super Bowl parties. Here’s the results.

Tyler Long 1:24:03
Ryan 1:34:54
Bjoern + Amilia Helfer. Stroller Division! 1:38:19
Sven + Cornelius Nolte. Stroller Division! 1:38:20
Stephen  Lis 1:43:24
Alvin Hom 1:43:40
Danny K 1:47:59
Leanne 1:48:58
GT 1:49:43
Helena Helfer 1:57:16
Aren Keshishian 1:59:05
Lynda 2:06:05
Caroline Nolte 2:23:05
Joe 2:26:10
Nathan Danielsen 2:26:25
James Lee 2:26:35
Peter Day (full) 3:24:58
Tiffany Birkett (full) 3:46:56
Bill DNS
Mark Gibbs DNS
Ben Vanmarcke DNS
Rudy Quintero DNS
Daryl Chol DNS
Neal Genda DNS


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