Ride Report – Resolution Ride. Climb Every Mountain

35.5 miles, 3:16 moving time, 4,545 ft elevation. Climbing every hill in Pasadena.

The Club started at Jones coffee in Pasadena. The A & B Groups stayed together most of the morning. Gary led the C group, who had a slightly different route that would skip some stuff, so we’d connect every once in a while. We rode east to Sierra Madre, then the climbing started. Up along Eaton Canyon, wiggle up along the foothills to the top of Lake Ave. Regrouped. Fun descent. Then up Chaney Trail. Serious climbing. The gate was closed to vehicular traffic, might have been due to government shut down (?). Anyway, it made the ascent easier with switchbacks without fear of cars. Next we rode up to Descanso Gardens. Then, up Hampstead, Up Sugar Loaf. Erik had an incident on the steep descent. Then down Chevy Chase and Up Emerald Isle. Bjoern had 1 flat. Then, we (most of us) made an unscheduled water stop at the Wild Oak Cafe on Chevy Chase / Linda Vista. Then, we resumed Up to St. Augustine (Bjoern flat #2). We rode Linda Vista and Arbor. Several folks laid out an Arbor Challenge. Three times up = Starbucks card. Then, there was an additional Challenge for Big Ring Arbor!

Julie, Bill, Kirk, GT, Erik, Sven, Jeff Bjoern, Kali, Steve, Scott, Leanne, David, Bob, Jeff, Gary, Theo, Nathan.


screen shot 2019-01-27 at 6.30.07 pm

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