OC Swim Series – Swim Report

1:07 time, 2 mile open water swim.

Behind the Orange curtain, not far from the Pacific Ocean, is Lake Mission Viejo, the  home for the OC Tri. Today was one of the OC Swim Series, which opens up the Lake to visits to swim a 1 mile loop. We drove down early to do a 2 loop = 2 mile swim.

The facilities are OC clean and well laid out. There is nice sandy beach to start off. The course is marked with Big Buoys. There was a slight turn from the beach, which made the turns a little off. Sighting was fine, but the box course got a little confusing on the second half. I saw the first set of buoys and got a little turned around. For the second loop, you swim in towards the white arch, then swim around a smaller Bright Orange buoy and do a second lap. There were tons of lifeguards on surf boards.

The water temp was on the cool side. Blake swam without a wetsuit, and challenged Scott to do the same. Sucker. Leanne swam in a skin suit and froze. Also sucker.

I was pretty happy with my swim. Second lap definitely felt better. When I got out, Scott was snapping pics. I asked where’s Lynda? He said she bailed after the first lap. Damit.

After we swimming, we got a breakfast at Surfin Donuts. Egg and cheese in a glazed donut. hmmm. not the pancakes that I promised. Next time.

Nicole, Trevor, Scott, Lynda, Blake, Joe, Leanne.

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