Brick Ride Report – No Prisoner’s Route

21.71 miles, 1:18 moving time, 997 ft elevation

The Club met in the sunny afternoon in the Rose Bowl Parking Lot. Leanne led a running clinic for newer runners. Bunch of new members and visitors joined us tonight. Welcome to Mike M and Arnold. Well Done on joining the club! We rode 2 social laps around the Rose Bowl (A group did a 3rd) and then rode south along Arroyo to SoPas. East along Mission to Pasadena / San Marino. We rode through San Marino and around Huntington Library, up Shenandoah, then back to the Rose Bowl. The setting sun sprinkled through the stately oak trees along the Arroyo Seco South. Purple jacaranda trees dropped their flowers on the streets of San Marino. Thanks to Mark at VeloFix for the bike support tonight too!

GT, Lynda, Paul, MikeW, David, Bill, Kali, PeterD, Mark, Simone, Michel, Julie, Amy, Michelle, PeterR, Arnold, Anton, Ivan, Elysa, and Joe.



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