Ride Report – Resolution, Rain, Coffee

36.8 miles, 2:35 moving time, 3.081 ft elevation

Club ride started at Jones Coffee in Pasadena. I looked out the window at home and consulted my weather app. It was iffy. It started out dry with looming clouds. We rode east through Pasadena, drizzles started. By New York, it was real rain. At the top of Lake, still raining. Blake had a mechanical. Picked up Trevor. We begged Lynda not to do Chaney Trail in the rain. Whew. Rode over to JPL and Descanso, it was dry again. Picked up Tiff. Up to Foothill and the fun descent through Montrose and Glendale. Wahoo! Top speed 39.1 mph. Surged to hang on to Tyler, Power 791W! Climbed up Chevy Chase Canyon, up Linda Vista. Down into the Arroyo for the Rose Bowl. Final kicker was Arbor.

Special Shout out to the new members who did great on their first Resolution Ride: Michelle, James, MikeM, Marcello! Well Done. Sorry you missed out on Chaney Trail. Next time!

PS. Pics are also posted on Instagram. @pasadenatriclub! Check out our Strava Club: Pasadena Tri Club. Fun stuff. 

PPS: My new Garmin 530 bike computer and Garmin Varia radar detector worked like a charm today. I could sense the cars coming up behind us. Also, I was able to download prior Resolution Ride from Strava and import it into my Garmin 530 for turn by turn directions. Blog post on that. Click here.

Kirk, MikeM, GT, Lynda, Bill, MikeW, Elysa, Dave, Teresa, Deanna, Julie, Michelle, Steve, Erick, Ryan, James, Blake, James, Marcelo, Jeff, Joe, Tiff, Trevor, Amy.

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