Ride Report – Cogswell Dam

56.4 miles, 3:42 moving time, 3,369 ft elevation.

Great day for a ride. It was a warm and sunny summer day. Crew started at Sierra Madre and rose to Encanto Park in Duarte and picked up a few more. Good size crew. Yeehaw. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail to the end and then continued on Hwy 39 Azusa Canyon. We turned on West Fork to Cogswell Dam. The 8 mile ride from the Gate to the Dam is closed to car traffic. The tree covered route, winds along a babbling stream. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. The end of the 8 miles is capped with a ‘noticeable incline’ to the top of the Cogswell Dam. The water level is still pretty full. No eagles were at their roost today. bummer. It got hotter as we got closer to home. The last climb to Sierra Madre is the usual final burner. Bob helped a rando rider with a flat. Bjoern helped Peter with a flat on the last climb.

Bob, Peter, Michelle, Bjoern, Tiffany, Leanne, MikeM, Gregg, Elysa, Bill, GT, Amy, Marco, Grazi, Ryan, Kirk, Jeff, Cali, Mark, Joe, Scott, Peter.




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