Ride Report – Mt. Wilson

39.0 miles, 3:26 moving time, 5,050 ft

Weather was perfect for a ride in the mountains. The Club met in La Canada for a climb up to Mt. Wilson. Gregg and PaulG were sporting their fresh PTC kits! There was a long steady climb up along Angeles Crest Highway to Clear Creek, a dip at Switzer, a steep climb to Red Box, and a twisty and steeper climb to the top of Mt. Wilson. We regrouped at the Cosmic Cafe, near the Observatory. The views and snacks at the Cosmic Cafe were refreshing. We all the way down whizzed down the mountain. Ryan had a mechanical on the descent, but he was loaded with a replacement tire and CO2. We had snacks at Starbucks and relished in an uneventful and beautiful ride.

Marco, GT, Paul, Julie, Emile, Tyler, Ryan, Marcelo, Alvin, MikeW, MikeM, Kirk, Jim, PaulG, Gregg, Peter, Erick, Dave.


Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 2.11.16 PM

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