Ride Report – Griffith Park Ride. Ahhh to be in LA.

From February 1, 2020

36.49 miles, 2:57 moving time, 3,028 ft elevation

Cloudless, perfectly blue sky LA day. The weather was perfect for a bike ride. The Club rode west from Jones Coffee in Pasadena, through Eagle Rock, Glendale and Burbank, to Griffith Park. Some of the crew was going to be running at Surf City Half Marathon the following day, so they opted out of the climb up to the Griffith Observatory. Lynda gave me some flack, so I rode up to the Observatory by myself. It was awesome. I got spectacular views of the City of Angels, including the Hollywood sign. Too bad you missed it, Lynda.

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 7.16.15 PM79D8E19F-095C-436B-80D2-3BA0E9BD64ED690FC136-1AC7-451F-A633-6A29DBA41AE5A5027135-1D8B-4376-9433-FD686BE6C3352FDDD05A-4695-4279-B1AA-751FFC78A1EFEFF9BAB9-4A75-4C2F-B6AB-954507255C66598CE498-20C9-41F6-918F-FF8253EB73E8DB994398-63E2-452B-84C2-5B1B7FFED6C5285FD3AC-7705-439E-B0C7-7A7F673FDF2AA05A3059-45F9-4B29-8508-4624F5DD6AAD750F09A3-CCB9-43E9-AE1F-3C183A6A5A179D538D6B-803C-415E-959C-97A0BBBE34D3F823C397-2C84-4056-8CB7-5C7204A9182C8457FD39-146A-4FC2-AA47-20C53B14129350BD6B4C-B363-4190-B637-800C4CF11D57

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