Ride Report – Upper Big T, well, not even Clear Creek

18.31 miles, 1:49 moving time, 2,329 ft elevation + Rain

On a dark and cloudy morning, the club met in La Canada to climb up Angeles Crest Highway. Lynda, Bill, Gregg, Sue, Kali, Alvin, Jonathan, Paul, Mark, Ryan, Steve and Joe. We hoped for clearer skies at the top. But, as we climbed, the ground got wetter. We entered the clouds; visibility was reduced to a few feet. The mist turned to drizzle. The drizzle turned to rain. The A group flipped it and I saw them roll down hill. I kept going trying to at least get to Clear Creek. I got to the top, just before the downhill. I was completely soaked through my kit, head to toe, including wet toes. The wind kicked in and I was freezing. I decided to flip it, before Clear Creek. The descent was super sketchy. I took it super slow. I kept one eye on my Garmin computer, which notifies of rear traffic via Garmin Varia. Really helpful. By the time I got back to La Canada, I was shivering, and giggling manically. Basically out of my mind. I quickly changed clothes to dry off and felt better. We accounted for everyone, except for Paul, who I passed near the Ranger station. He was descending really really slow.

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