Ride Report – La Tuna Canyon

32.78 miles, 3,058 ft climbing elevation, 2:39 moving time

Club met at Jones Coffee and rode out of Pasadena westbound through Eagle Rock, Glendale, Burbank and Sunland. They turned north and headed up La Tuna Canyon. They descended through Montrose and Glendale. I woke up late and rode the route backwards in order to find the club. Good thing they are a predicatable crew and stick to the plan. I met up with them in La Canada, as they were descending along Canada Blvd. Nice sunny day. Some breezes.

Great to see New riders Roxanne and Dale. Good Job. Sen and Rick were out again. Good to see James again too. G and Sara. Paul, Alvin, Gregg, Marco, Dave, Kirk, Lynda, Sue, Bob, Mike, Mark, Jonathan, and Joe.

Lynda added some bonus neighborhood viewing climbs and St Katherine’s. We saw four old planes in formation around the Rose Bowl and headed downtown with smoke streaming behind them. Ice coffee and I rolled home to So Pas. Great day for riding.

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