Ride Report – Bonelli Loop

53.31 miles, 3:21 moving time, 2,416 ft elevation gain

On a June Gloom day, the Club rode the Bonelli Loop. We started from Sierra Madre and rolled east to Duarte Encanto Park. We picked up a few more friends along the way. Sue got some assistance with a flat. Great to see Anna & James, and John. Eddie came back. Kudos to Michelle, who’s Danny’s better half, for her longest ride ever. Well Done. We rode down the San Gabriel River Trail to the Sante Fe Dam. Then east along Arrow Hwy. We caught up with PAA’s group at a red light, Big Dave! We turned up on Cerritos and then east on Gladstone for a few miles. South on San Dimas Blvd and then a loop around Frank Bonelli Park. We made a stop in the park for water, potty stop. Rolled back up San Dimas to Foothill. Some cops were tagging cyclists. Mike got pulled over, but no ticket. We got back to Encanto and a helicopter was filling up with water. Rolled back to Sierra Madre for snacks and coffee. Fun Ride.

Anna, James, John Hunter. Michel, Mark, Mike, Scott & Kali, Eddie, Alvin, Marco, Paul, Bill & Lynda, Michelle & Danny, Anton, Trevor, Sue, Bob, Joe.

And.. Happy Birthday to KIRK!

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