PTC 2021! Club calendar for 2021. Get signed up and start training…

Hi Club,
Old Board. New Board. Thank you!

I wanted to give the PTC Board of Directors 2020 a BIG THANK YOU!Thanks for keeping the Club alive and well during the pandemic. Special ‘thank you’ to GT for stepping up as President for 2020. As he’s stepping down next year, and I’m picking it back up… I’m looking forward to what we will do next year!

Vision Statement

My vision for the Pasadena Triathlon Club is sticking to the basics within our own name. Pasadena. Triathlon. Club.

1. Pasadena. We’re a local grass-roots group here in Pasadena. This is where we live and breath. Our workouts are based here and our races are here and everywhere.

2. Triathlon. We’re focused on swim, bike, run. We do a lot of everything, but we more swim, bike, and run workouts and triathlon races.

3. Club. PTC is a volunteer club. It’s something fun to do together. Triathlon is a solo thing, but training is a group thing. Let’s do it together. 

NEXT YEAR! 2021 is gonna be great. 

Our Club is event based. We triathletes are motivated by game day. We train with a purpose and goal. So, here’s our best estimate for next’s year’s club Calendar. Our Club Events are promoted by our Board to encourage all our members to sign up and train together and then race together. (obviously, these are subject to change…)

PTC Club Calendar 2021 




– OC Half Marathon – May 2

– Surf City Half Marathon – Sept 11

– Long Beach Half Marathon – Oct 10

– Holiday Half Marathon – Dec 11

Regular workouts

– Saturday Rides – every week

– Sunday Runs – every week

– Sunday Open Water Swims – Seasonal APR..

– Weekday Bricks – Seasonal APR-SEP

Please check out the events and sign up. Once you register, enter your name on the PTC Race Spreadsheet. Click here

Do it for YOU

Make the most of your me-time and feel great about it. Be healthy and strong. Ride farther, run faster, swim longer. No better time that the present to get moving again. Come join us in a safe*** and friendly environment. Outside and on your bike/in your running shoes/in the pool. ***following CDC guidelines***

Call to Action. Do it for us.

PTC is what you make of it. Here’s my annual call-out for helpers and visionaries…
If you want to make the club better….If you have good solutions….Come join us.  Start by giving me a call… My contact info is on EVERY email I send.All the board members’ emails are in the CC above.

mobile: 818.601.2661
my story video:
PTC President 2021,

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