Ride Report – Solvang Double Metric Century Ride

127 miles, 8:32 moving time, 4,837 ft elevation

PTC had an amazing day riding the Solvang Double Metric Century Ride. We drove up the night before and had dinner at an Italian place in Lompoc. Yum. Rained during the night. Clouds and winds.

Alvin, Julien, Philip, Daryl, Lynda, Ryan, Rick, Sue, Steve, Joe, G, Mark, Marisa, Eric, Paul, Bob, Gregg. Congratulations to crew. Great work. Longest ride for quote a few of the Club.

Mile 0. Start at 7am. Cold. Mid-40F. Bundled up. Light winds to start with.

Mile 1-3: Ostrich farm. Tour through Solvang. Windmills. Headwinds from the north. A Group and B Group separated.

Mile 11: Lynda flatted with tubeless. 3 stops to fix but got it done. Thanks, Gregg! Pretty meadow. Most picturesque Area. Beautiful oak tress and rolling green hills. Tour through Santa Ynez, Los Olivos. Headwinds and crap roads.

Mile 22: Slow climb up Foxen Canyon. Most picturesque area. Pretty vineyards, wineries, back roads, crappy, but not a lot a traffic. Headwinds. Catching the theme here?

Mile 23-48: Descent and flat. Though Sisquoc Gary, vineyards, farmland. Aid station #1. Van on the side of the road. Potty stop, banana. Lemon Custards. Yum. Headwinds and crap roads.

Mile 51: Cross dry Santa Maria River. Climb Bull Canyon. Headwinds and crap roads.

Mile 71. Aid stop 2. Lunch. Subway sandwiches. Though Nipono farms. Guadalupe sh*t town. Heavy Headwinds, crosswinds. So tired from the headwinds. The lunches were flying off the tables. High winds and crap roads.

Mile 88: Cabrillo Hwy. Tailwinds finally. Rick Flatted on fwy.

Mile 90. Los Alamos. Cute town. Aid Station 3. Joe flat #1.

Mile 100: Vineyards up close and personal Sh*t road. not a even a road. Joe flat #2. slow leaker out of tubes, out of CO2. no cell reception. This was a crazy sections. Super chewed out asphalt, dirt on the side was a better ride. Worst roads ever.

Mile 110: Slow big climb. most was 3-4%, last 1/4 mile, 8-10%. Cruel climb so late in the day.

Mile 122: Back through Foxen Canyon. Sh*t roads. Joe’s final flat. out of all supplies, but had cell coverage here. Called for Gregg to me up. Tailwinds and crap roads.

Mile 127: Everyone back at the hotel. Shower up and Beers, Burgers and JC at Firestone Brewery. An amazing day. Well Done. Thanks to Lynda and Alvin getting everyone to sign up for a challenge.

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