Ride Report – Resolution Ride

37.54 miles, 3:13 moving time, 3,307 ft elevation

On a cold winter’s morning, the Club rode all the hills around Pasadena. 

Vicky, Mike W., Mike O., Ryan, Lynda, Dave, Philip, Mike M., Greg, Bert, Elsa, Eric, Gary, Paul, Julian, Raul, Sven, Mark, Joe.

Short and Sweet. It was cold but we warmed up a lot. Sunny and crisp. 

Top of Lake, Chaney Trail, around JPL, Descanso Gardens, Top of Foothill to Dunsmore, descent through Montrose and Glendale, Chevy Chase Canyon, Linda Vista, Holly and Arbor. Short and sweet.

Snacks and coffee at Jones Coffee.

Joe’s life lesson: Di2 can go into crash mode, while hopping off a curb, and deactivating the rear derailleur. Google searches and YouTube videos showed me how to press the junction box button just so and get me back into the ride. I only missed some of Chaney Trail. Felt like Neo in the Matrix, downloading bike mechanic info on the side of the road.

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